Municipal arms of Belarus towns. Polotsk

Newsletter # 29 (730) August 16, 2017
On August 24, 2017 the Ministry of Communications and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus will issue the stamp Municipal arms of Polotsk of the series Municipal arms of Belarus towns.
A series continuation. Beginning Nos. 403, 404, 445, 495, 496, 529, 530, 593-595, 633, 634, 675, 676, 756-758, 794, 795, 850, 852, 860, 892, 933, 934, 974, 975, 1033, 1073 and 1145. Design: Marina Vitkovskaya. Printing: offset. Colour: full colour. Paper: chalk-surfaced, gummed. Perforation: comb 141/4: 14. Size of the stamp: 28x30 mm. Sheet composition: 9 (3x3) stamps. Size of the sheet: 123x130 mm. Print quantity: 54.000 stamps.
The stamp was printed at the Republican Unitary Enterprise Belarusian Printing House Publishing Co..
Face value N is equal to the surface tariff of a postcard abroad.
The municipal arms of Polotsk (Vitebsk region) represents the image of a baroque shield on the blue ground of which there is a gold three-mast ship with unfolded silver sails floating on silver waves.
The municipal arms of Polotsk was registered in the Heraldic matriculation of the Republic of Belarus on July 15, 1994 under No. 4.
No. 1210
Municipal arms of Polotsk
Elements of protection

Colour of the postmark — black.
Special postmark and FDC designed by M.Vitkovskaya.
A special cancellation on FDC will be carried out on the stamp issuing day at the post office No.15 of Polotsk, Vitebsk region.
The images do not reproduce the exact specifications of the project.

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