20th anniversary of the RCC

Newsletter # 28 (442) September 9, 2011 г.
On September 20, 2011 the Ministry of Communications and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus will issue the stamp “20th anniversary of the RCC”.
The stamp design includes the emblem of the RCC.
Designer: Vladislav Shevardin. Printing: offset. Colour: full colour. Paper: chalk-surfaced, gummed. Perforation: comb 131/2: 133/4. Size of the stamp: 37x26 mm. Sheet composition: 6 (2x3) stamps. Size of the sheet: 95x116 mm. Print quantity: 48.000 stamps.
No. 889

20th anniversary of the RCC
Elements of protection
Letter “H” is equal to the surface tariff of a letter up to 20 gram abroad.
Historical reference: The Regional Commonwealth in the field of Communications (the RCC) was created on December 17, 1991 by the Communications Administrations Heads of the independent states in Moscow. On that day they signed the Agreement for Creation of the RCC — the organization to conduct cooperation of the new independent states in the field of electrical and postal communications based on free-will, mutual respect and sovereignty.
For 20 years of its activity the RCC proved its worth and coped with its original tasks. Thanks to the cooperation within the RCC the significant contribution was made to the development of legal and legislative framework of participating countries in the field of communications and Informatization. They established the mechanisms of exchanging the experience on the vital problems of telecommunication development and introduction of information technology.

Colour of the postmark — black.
Special postmark and FDC designed by V. Shevardin.
A special cancellation on FDC will be carried out at the Main Post Office of Minsk on the stamp issuing day.

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