1020th Anniversary of the Christening of Rus

Newsletter # 32 (318). October 16, 2008
On October 25, 2008 the Ministry of Communications and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus will issue the souvenir sheet of 3 stamps dedicated to the 1020th anniversary of christening of Rus, prepared by the Publishing Centre Marka of the EUR Belpochta.
Designers: Alexander Blintsov. Printing: offset. Colour: multicoloured. Paper: chalk-surfaced, gummed. Perforation: comb 13½. Size of the stamps in the souvenir sheet: 37x52 mm. Size of the souvenir sheet: 140x96 mm. Print quantity: 15.000.
There are elements of protection on the stamps.
The icon Holy Virgin of Iljinsk Chernigov, the 18th century, is from the Greek St. Catherine monastery in Kiev. Now it is kept in the collection of the National Kiev-Pechersk Historic-Cultural Preserve.
The icon Christ Pantocrator, 1678, is from St. Nicolas Church of Pinsk in Brest region. Now it is kept in the collection of the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus.
Grand Prince Vladimir from the Deesis row, the 15th century. It was in the collection of I. S.  Ostroukhov. Now it is kept in the collection of the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow.
Souvenir sheet No. 62
No. 760
Holy Virgin of Iljinsk
and Chernigov
1500 BYR
No. 761
1500 BYR
No. 762
Grand Prince Vladimir
from the Deesis row
1500 BYR
Colour of the postmark — black.
Special postmark and FDC designed by Alexander Blintsov.
A special cancellation on FDC will be carried out at the Main Post Office of Minsk on the souvenir sheet issuing day.
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