Birth Bicentenary Anniversary of Napoleon Orda

Newsletter # 04 (261) February 5, 2007
On February 14, 2007 Belarus Post will issue the souvenir sheet dedicated to the 200th birth anniversary of Belarusian and Polish art worker Napoleon Orda.
Designers: Igor Buben & Ivan Lukin. Printing: offset. Colour: multicoloured. Paper: chalk-surfaced. Perforation: comb 13¾: 13½. There are 2 stamps in the souvenir sheet. Size of the stamp: 26x37 mm. Size of the souvenir sheet: 130x66 mm. Print quantity: 15.000.
There are elements of protection on the stamp.
Stamp motive. A self-portrait of Napoleon Orda and a text in Belarusian language: Napaleon Orda. 1807-1883.
Decorative border. A text in Belarusian language: The 200th birth anniversary. Belarusian writer, artist, composer and musician, the lithograph Manor of the Mitskeviches, the order Virtuti Militari, a broadsword of 1831, an easels tripod, Ordas autograph and grand piano.
Souvenir sheet No. 55
No. 677
Napoleon Orda
2000 BYR
Historical reference. Napoleon Orda (11.02.1807, village of Vorotsevichi of Pinsk district, Minsk region — 26.04.1883, Warsaw) is a Belarusian and Polish writer, composer, musician, artist. He finished school in Svisloch town. In 1823 he entered Vilnya University where he studied mathematics. But Orda didnt graduate from the University because he was arrested as a member of a secret student society. Napoleon Orda took an active part in the revolt of 1831 and was decorated with the order Virtuti Militari. After the revolt had been suppressed in 1833 Orda moved to Paris. He made friends with Frederik Chopin. F. Chopin and Ferenc Liszt mastered his musical art. In Paris Orda attended studio of the famous artist Pierre Gerard where he got his artistic education. Travelling over France, Austria, Scotland, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Portugal and Northern Africa Orda made sketches of landscapes, mainly of town views. Since1847 Orda was a director of Italian Opera House in Paris till its closing during the Revolution (1848). He took an active part in the activities of the Polish so-called Great emigration. In 1856, after tsars government announced amnesty to political emigrants, Napoleon Order came back to his native land. In 1862-1863 he lived in Grodno and Pinsk. Then he moved to Ukraine and lived in the house of General Adam Zhevusky as a home teacher of music. During his yearly summer journeys Orda impressed the sights of Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Germany and Poland. In 1997 in the town of Ivanovo (Brest region) they put a monument to Napoleon Orda.
FDC motive. A text in Belarusian language: The 200th birth anniversary, the drawing Church of Resurrection, town hall, Bernardinian Monastery on Roman Catholic Church St. Antony (Vitebsk city), an easel, the drawing Castle of the Radzivils (Nesvizh town).
Colour of the postmark — black.
Special postmark and FDC
designed by I. Buben & I. Lukin
Special cancellation: a special cancellation on FDC will be carried out at post office No. 3 of Ivanovo town (Brest region) on the souvenir sheet issuing day.
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