International Parcels

Parcel is a postal item containing articles of cultural, social and other nature that are accepted to sending outside the Republic of Belarus and are not prohibited to importation into the destination country.

There are insured and uninsured parcels.

Parcels sent by customers are accepted with the content verification.

Weight limits of parcels and limitations of content admitted to sending abroad are stated in the International Items Acceptance Manual.

Parcels containing seeds and planting material shall be accepted with covering documents (CP 71 (CP 72) and CN 23) accompanied by the phytosanitary export certificate verified by the quarantine service with a triangular seal; but while sending short-run batch of seed samples and planting material, the parcels packing shall have the triangular seal of quarantine service. The sender shall attach to the dispatch note any document (export and import licenses, sanitary certificate, invoice, etc.) necessary for customs clearance in the origin and destination countries.

Allowed dimensions of the parcel:

  • minimum size: 150 240 x 20 mm;
  • maximum size: any dimension is 1050 mm; the sum of the length and the greatest circumference measured in a direction other than the length is 2000 mm.

Weight: maximum weight of parcel depends on the destination country.

Weight limits from the Republic of Belarus: 30 kg.

Nature of packing: the packing of international parcels shall befit the content nature, route duration and sending conditions. If fragile articles are sent it is necessary to pack them to exclude damage while sending, particularly insert cuttings, particles, cotton wool, special foam plastic and etc. between packing sides and article.

Insured parcel is a parcel insured to the real content value declared by the sender. The insured value shall not exceed the maximum value of the content fixed by the destination country and stated in the International Items Acceptance Manual.

The posting procedure of insured and uninsured parcels: parcels are submitted to a post office counter. For each parcel the sender fills in the dispatch note CP 71 (or manifold set CP 72) and customs declaration CN 23. The dispatch note CP 71 is filled in by the sender in one copy in accordance with the column title.

The address on both parcel and dispatch note shall be written in the language of the destination country or in the well-known international language (French, English) with the duplicate of name of the destination country in Russian (Belarusian). The address must be complete and distinct; it is prohibited to write the address in pencil except indelible one. The address shall be the same on the parcel and dispatch note. In case they are different, the address indicated on the parcel is considered to be right. Postal operator which accepts parcels may advise the sender to put into the parcel a copy of his and receivers addresses. The sender must indicate on the parcel the method of treatment in case of non-delivery to the addressee, ticking in the corresponding column. The sender may give only one order. The insured value is also indicated in Belarusian rubles on the form.

The customs declaration CN 23 is made in the number of copies indicated in the International Items Acceptance Manual but not less than three copies.

The customs declaration shall contain full sender and receivers addresses, the name of each sending article, its weight and value. Marks of general character are not admitted.

The customs declaration CN 23 is filled in Russian (Belarusian) with interlinear translation in the language of the destination country or in one of the well-known international languages (French, English). It is necessary to note that it is very important to list the whole parcels content in order to provide fast customs clearance of postal items both in the origin and destination countries.

National postal operator isnt liable for the correct filling of the customs declaration CN 23 by the sender.

Parcels may be sent with advice of receipt, special delivery, delivery in person provided that this service is rendered in the destination country. Insured COD parcels may be sent to those countries that are signatories to the Bilateral Agreement on the COD Postal Items Exchange.