Small Packets

Gifts, merchandise samples, except printing and gramophone records are sent in small packets in one copy costing up to 30 payment units of the International Monetary Fund (Special Drawing Right — hereinafter referred as SDR used as monetary unit of the Universal Postal Union).

Documents having the nature of current or personal correspondence may be put into the small packets but these documents may be sent only to the addressee of this small packet.

Customs declaration CN 22 with a detailed description of the sending content is filled in for small packets. Marks of general character are not admitted. By the sender’s request separate Customs declarations CN23 may be attached to the item in fixed number of copies.

Size limits:

· minimum size: 114х162 mm and 110х220 mm;

· maximum size: the sum of the length, width and thickness is 900 mm, maximum dimension is 600 mm.

Weight: up to 2 kg.