Letter is a postal item in which personal and business written messages, various receipts, invoices, bills, personal photos and other commercial papers are sent.

Size limits:

  • minimum size: 114 x 162 mm and 110 x 220 mm;
  • maximum size: 229 x 324 mm.

Weight: up to 2 kg.

Letters can be ordinary, registered or insured.

Insured Letter

Insured letter is a postal item accepted with the content cost estimating fixed by the sender in accordance with the content real value; it is submitted to a post office opened.

The following articles are sent in insured letters: securities (diplomas, birth and marriage certificates, pension and legal actions, public bonds, lotteries and other similar articles and documents, that are valuable for the sender and receiver), foreign currency (except the currency of the Russian Federation) and payment instruments in foreign currency that does not exceed the equivalent of 200 (two hundred) USD calculated according to the official exchange rate of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus on the date of item’s submitting; various ID documents (passports, ID cards, passes, union cards and etc.) except articles prohibited to sending from the Republic of Belarus and to the destination country stated in the International Items Acceptance Manual.

Posting procedure: it is submitted to a post office counter opened with the content list, registered by the operator in the customer’s presence, sealed and pasted with special scotch tape; the client gets the receipt.

Delivery procedure: it is delivered to the addressee against signature.


- possibility to estimate the sending content;

- confirmation of posting — receipt;

- sending content preservation;

- subscription to documents within all the conveyance;

- handing over of insured letter to the addressee against signature.