International Letter-post Items

International letter-post items include:

postcards (ordinary, registered);

letters (ordinary, registered, insured);

small packets (ordinary, registered);

wrappers (ordinary, registered);

secograms (ordinary, registered);

aerogrammes (ordinary);

M Bags (ordinary, registered).

Letter-post items in terms of handling and conveyance speed are divided into:

priority items are items conveyed by the fastest means and handled on a priority basis;

non-priority items are items conveyed by surface.

Registered letter-post items

Registered letter-post items are sent in registered mail.

There are no any special requirements concerning the form, packing and way of address writing for registered items. Items with the address written by pencil or only receivers initials are not accepted to sending in registered mail.

Customs declaration CN 22 is filled in for registered M bags or small packets.


- confirmation of posting (receipt);

- subscription to documents within all the conveyance;

- handing over of registered letter-post item to the addressee against signature.

Delivery procedure: registered items are handed over to the addressee against receipt.

International letter-post items are accepted to special delivery, delivery with advice of receipt, delivery in person, recorded delivery provided that this service is rendered in the destination country.

  • International registered postal items are accepted only with ordinary advice of receipt. While submitting international registered postal item to the post office the sender fills in the advice of receipt CN07. The destination office returns by the fastest means (in ordinary mail) the advice of receipt with required data directly to the sender.

  • Registered items, items with recorded delivery and insured items are accepted with the mark Delivery in person (A remettre en main propre). Items with the mark Delivery in person are accepted with the advice of receipt CN07 and shall have clear mark A remettre en main propre on the address side of the item.

  • Items with special delivery shall have the mark Expres on the address side. Upon their arrival to the destination office the items are delivered by a special messenger to the addressees house. Inbound Expres (special delivery) letter-post items are delivered in the territory of the Republic of Belarus in ordinary mail as this service is not provided in the Republic of Belarus.

  • International letter-post items with recorded delivery are exchanged between postal services which provide this service. These are any letter-post items (postcards, letters, small packets, M bags). Items with recorded delivery are accepted and handed over according to the prescribed procedure of registered items but handled and sent as non-registered letter-post items.