Hybrid mail

In the current market conditions most companies are faced with the necessity to distribute bills and other information both to existing and potential customers.

International experience shows that in spite of developing of high technologies and active using of electronic mail, most of people prefer to receive official documents not only in electronic format, but also in paper form.

RUE Belpochta offers the service of Hybrid mail — service for printing, enveloping and formation of envelope-free mailings (Self mailer) and distribution of information received from the customer in electronic form.

The main advantages of this service are:

  • abandonment of routine work on letter formation;
  • ensured printing and enveloping quality, including production of Self mailer (envelope-free messages);
  • increased speed of mail sending;
  • guaranteed safety of items delivery;
  • good price-quality ratio.

Within the Hybrid mail service framework RUE Belpochta offers service on production of envelope-free mailings, or Self mailer. Self mailer is a letter which serves as the carrier of information and as the envelope at the same time. The addressee knows the information upon opening the letter by perforated lines.

Advantages: there is no need for envelopes, time-consuming and expensive process of enveloping, pasting, printing separate addresses etc.

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