Export capacity of RUE Belpochta

Republican Unitary Enterprise of Posts Belpochta (RUE Belpochta) is the official distributor of the Republic of Belarus printed mass media abroad.

At present, RUE Belpochta cooperates with eight countries in the field of printed mass media of the Republic of Belarus: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany.

We carry out the export deliveries of more than 250 publications of the Republic of Belarus.

Please address on all questions on cooperation to the Direction of Printed Mass Media Distribution to the address: 10, Nezalezhnasti Ave., 220050, Minsk, Republic of Belarus.


Phone:+375 17 327 09 10; +375 17 293 55 99

Fax: +375 17 293 55 64

 Email: Chichko@belpost.by; olsidorchuk@belpost.by

 List of printed mass media exported from the Republic of Belarus