Items’ packing

Packing requirements

The packing of the items is chosen by the sender. The packing must correspond to the following requirements:

1. EMS item is packed according to the weight, form, content nature and also to the means and length of transportation.

2. EMS item is packed so it can’t constitute any danger to the employees who have to process it and can’t soil or/and spoil other mails or post equipment.

3. Item has to have on the packing, or a wrapper, or on the strong separate label which is reliably attached to this item, enough place for office instructions and for gluing of labels.

Packing of the international items shouldn't complicate fast and easy check of the sending content by the customs authorities.

Special packing

1. Objects from glass, and other fragile objects should pack into the strong boxes filled with the corresponding protective material. Any friction or blows during transportation or between objects and walls of a box should be excluded.

2. The liquids and substances, which easily turn into liquid, should be placed in absolutely waterproof containers. Each container should be placed into a separate strong box with the corresponding protective material which can absorb liquid in case of break of the container. The cover of a box fastens so that it could be easily opened.

3. Oily substances which don't turn easily into liquid such as ointments, liquid soap, pitches etc. and have primary packing (a box, a fabric bag, plasticity etc.) should be placed into the strong box protecting from running out of the contents.

4. Dry painted powders, such as blue aniline, etc. are accepted only in completely tight metal boxes placed into strong boxes with the corresponding absorbent and protective material between two containers.

5. Dry non-painted powders should be placed into a strong container (boxes, bags). Then these containers are placed into other strong boxes.

6. Packing isn't required for the objects sent in one piece such as a tree, metal, etc., which, usually, aren't packed by sales representatives. In this case the address of the recipient is specified on the subject itself.