International express mail - EMS

EMS is an international postal express service for transferring of documents and goods which sets a purpose to grant to the clients all over the world a high-quality, competitive products of express mail at the acceptable price.

EMS items have a priority before other types of mailings, i.e. at all stages of passing they are processed above all, and after processing they are immediately delivered or sent further to the destination in the fastest way.

Republican Unitary Enterprise Belpochta provides express mail service in the territory of Belarus (EMS-Service department) according to the standards approved by the Cooperative EMS.

EMS-Service department is:

  • A part of the global network of the international express mail;
  • An ensured delivery of the postings to more than 200 countries and residential areas worldwide;
  • A wide network of acceptance and delivery of the EMS items (acceptance is carried out in all post offices of RUE Belpochta and Business-post offices, at work/at home);
  • A world-class service.


  • On-line EMS item track and trace;
  • Popular price (tariffs);
  • Acceptance of the EMS items with declared value is realized for sending to all countries;
  • Acceptance of COD (cash-on-delivery) EMS items is realized for sending to the Russian Federation;
  • Custom agent services;
  • Free storage of your item at a temporary storage warehouse at address — Minsk, Vokzalnaya str., 22;
  • Insurance of the international EMS items (download).

Customs clearance

Call of the postal courier

Address label filling example

EMS items packing

Responsibility of RUE "Belpochta"

Reception of the International Mails Guide

Approximate terms of EMS items transportation and delivery from Minsk to the other EMS member countries

Requirements to weight and size

* If you dont find the information about your EMS item in the track and trace system, you can send a CLAIM (download) to the EMS claims department by the most preferable way:

1. by letter: Nezavisimosty ave., 10, Minsk, 220050;

2. by e-mail:;

3. by fax: +375 17 220 22 06.

Attention: Please, attach a copy of your item label and payment receipt to the claim.

More detailed information you can get:

— About EMS service calling the following phones (download)

— About EMS items delivery in the territory of Minsk by phone: +375 17 200 03 87, +37517 285 06 63 (work hours: 10: 00 — 13: 00 and 14: 00 — 18: 00)

154 — short code for Postal call-center (workdays: 9: 00 — 20: 00; weekdays: 9: 00 — 17: 00)