Customs Broker and TSW Services

Customs Broker and TSW services
RUE Belpochta offers CUSTOMS BROKER services on customs clearance of cargoes, provision of a package of documents to the customs, consultations on customs matters.

 We are waiting for you:

22, Voksalnaya str., Room 514, Minsk
(Building of MPEO (Mail Processing and Exchange Office))
Tel: (017) 222-72-32

RUE Belpochta offers services on custody of cargoes in TEMPORARY STORAGE WAREHOUSE (TSW) which are subject to customs clearance.

 The warehouse is situated in the building of Air Mail Facility:

SE Minsk-2 National Airport
Smolevichskiy district
Minsk region
Information telephone:
(017) 279-24-17, (017) 279-16-69.

Customs broker of RUE Belpochta is working at the warehouse, tel: (017) 279-24-17.