Postal courier

The service "Postal courier" includes:
-acceptanceof documents and goods at home or in the office, their packaging, addressing and provision of other types ofadditional services;
-delivery of:

  • postal items,
  • accountable forms,
  • print media,
  • postal products and consumers demand goods ordered from theonline shopof RUE "Belpochta".

It is possibleto call a courierwith little effort in any city of the Republic of Belarus by specifying the necessary address and contact information. The competent employees of the enterprise will contact you to make final arrangements about the address details and time.

In Minsk you can place an order by phone 222 72 18.

Contact information in the regional centers:

   Brest: +375 162 200913, 220512
   Vitebsk: +375 212 359952
   Gomel: +375 232 773377
   Grodno: +375 152 720082
   Mogilev: +375 33 6604529, +375 222 722455, 221837
   Minsk region: +375 17 280-38-01, +375 17 331-96-46

 The service "Postal courier" is available according to the followingtariff plans:

Elite"- an arrival of a car at the specified time on the day of order receipt;

Optima"- an arrival of a car during the day if the order was received until 12.00;

Economy-1- an arrival of a car within the city of Minsk, one regional center or a district of a regional center during the day, following the day of order receipt;

Economy-2- an arrival of a car to the office within the same district or district center (with the exception of districts of regional centers) during the day, following the day of order receipt.


Latest offer!If you wish to use the service "Postal courier" on a permanent basis, you have the opportunity to economize and geta subscriptionto a package of services"Postal courier every day"- a daily service in the office.